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Passport Vietnam: Land + Sea Edition

328 East Front Street, Traverse City 49684

Join us for a special four course meal & dessert Passport Vietnam dinner featuring Chef Tony Vu's trip around Vietnam along the land + sea.

We are limiting this event to only 18 seats for social distancing measures so we recommend groups of 4 or 6 for the best experience. Please indicate your party who you want to be seated with for social distancing guidelines.

$85 per person (includes gratuity and welcome glass of wine or beer)

First Course: 

Smoked Cha Ca Dip

Smoked whitefish, dill, tumeric, galangal, ginger, watermelon radish, and puffed black sesame rice crackers

Second Course:

Bun Riu 

Crab, Tofu, Tomato, Lemon Mint, Perilla, Pork Broth

Third Course:

Banh Tom

Shrimp and Sweet Potato Fritters, Cucumber, Rau Ram herbs, and Lettuce wraps

Fourth Course:

Bo Xao

Vietnamese Pastrami, Phu Quoc Pepper, Eggplant, Red Pepper, Celery, Jasmine Rice.

Dessert Course:

Jin Dui

Fried Sesame Balls filled with Lotus Paste with Fall Harvest Ice Cream

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